Someone should invent a small-island version of GPS technology, one that is not based on street names and civic numbers, but rather on the address system used by locals. Forget 1356 Sunrise Street or 123 South Road; the small-island GPS would just need to know whose house you live in and what funky stuff there is at the end of your driveway. Take Ken’s residence, on Saturna Island. Ken hasn’t lived at his house long enough for it to be known at “his house.” A guy by the name of John Barber lived there for twenty-four years before Ken moved in. So, to all Saturna islanders Ken’s house is known as John Barber’s house. And “there is no civic number out front,” Ken told me when he gave me directions, “just keep driving when you get off the ferry. Once you see the large blue heron made of driftwood by the roadside, turn right at the next driveway.” There map that, GPS!