Went off-island on a grocery run.
Can’t say I had much fun.
So I cruised home through Buckley Bay,
wantin’ to get back to my Denman hideaway.

Little ferry, ferry me
Across from A to B.
Little ferry. ferry me
on the Salish Sea.

I pulled up to the gate
in my island car,
wasn’t travelin’ very far,
only wanted to take a float,
just a little trip across the moat,
ridin’ on a ferry boat
on that ole marine highway.

But gettin’ on board was pretty hard.
They asked me for that “convenience” card
but no convenience did I see,
only highway robbery.

See, them corporate executives just got raises
and we’re supposed to sing their praises
for screwing us so royally.
USER PAY is the game they play.
Cough up your money
Or stay away.
No wonder some refuse
to pay their fee.
That damn card had expired
And not a loony did I have on me.

Well, I thought about my watch of gold,
the fillings in my teeth I might have sold,
just to get that ship to carry me
one way over the bay.

Imagined I could barter a bud or two,
some homebrew, or nettle stew,
my camping knife, that first born child,
even my wife,
just to ride across the waterside that day.

Then, just as I was about to call their bluff,
tell them that I’d had enough,
the ferry commenced dockin’
right there in front of me.

When I looked back, the line was long,
so I jumped up on my car roof
and sang this song,
as all the ferry riders
honked their horns
in noisy solidarity.

Rock the boat watcha gotta lose
Rock the boat and spread the news
Rock the boat and light the fuse
of merry mutiny.

We’re risin’ up,
won’t take no more.
Won’t settle for the pie,
want the whole pie store.
Trash that blasted plastic card.
We’re takin’ over the ferry yard.
Walkin’ on for free.

So get on board
And rock the boat with me.
Just get on board
And rock the boat with me.